Come and find
 ‘An Appreciation of Living in the Moment’

Art of Mindfulness

You are invited to join us at the Cathedral of the Isles and The College of the Holy Spirit

From 4pm Friday 1st November –
Sunday 3rd November (after lunch)

About Mindfulness

Yesterday has gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We only have these moments.

Mindfulness practices help us to cultivate the ability to pay attention in the present moment, whether it is on what we are seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, knowing or feeling. It is about ‘Being’, it is not about ‘Doing’.

Our minds are often preoccupied and sometimes troubled by past events, the future, worries, regrets, judgments and if we try to practice meditation our minds will wander off somewhere. This is not a problem in itself but sometimes we cannot let them go.

Mindfulness practices have been successfully included in medicine, psychology, education, stress management and even in approaches to business leadership. Different brain networks are involved when we bring together novel routines that recognise the unity of our inner and exterior self. This unity helps us to renew our mind.

The processes involved have been invaluable in my work as a Psychologist and Counsellor. It has been beneficial because mindfulness encourages us to celebrate our true selves and helps us to embrace the fullness of life.

Anthea Clarke. BA(Hons)Psych; MTh.


There is a fixed price for events on our Open Programme and accommodation is available on a first come first served basis. The College has 4 single rooms with shared bathroom facilities, 4 twin rooms with shared bathroom facilities, 2 double rooms with shared bathroom facilities, 1 family room (double & single) with shared bathroom facilities, 2 en-suite twin rooms, 2 en-suite double rooms and 1 en-suite family room (1 double & 2 singles). Please select the type of accommodation that best meets your needs. Double or twin rooms may be used for single occupancy where needed.

This retreat is offered both residential and non-residential


£155 full board. This includes a deposit of £50 which must be made to secure your booking.
The retreat is available on a non-residential basis for just £35 including lunch. Dinner is available at a cost of £19 per day.